How to Stop Drinking Without Craving

Hosted by Lee Davy, founder of The Truth About Alcohol, Alcohol & Addiction Podcast and Strive Movement.


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Why you drink alcohol, and why it's so difficult to stop.


How to raise awareness of the truth about alcohol so we can be free of cravings


How to live a wonderful life surrounded by people who drink alcohol

Why Should You Become Someone That Doesn't Drink Alcohol?

You drink alone; don't stop alone - Strive.

"Since becoming a Striver, my life has changed for the better. I did the changing in my life only with the help and support of the Strive Movement. I always figure out a way to avoid taking that first sip of alcohol. I will use the knowledge I have learned here for the rest of my life. The friendship and one on one personal detail that I get are worth my investment. There is truly nothing like this program anywhere. I have completely turned my life around with confidence" - Clint.


"The movement is inclusive and supportive. You will find yourself amongst like-minded people, who have trodden or who are treading your path. There is so much empathy, understanding and encouragement. There are other forums and movements that can help you, but for me, this is where I have found a home, this is where I found that I am not a number on a balance sheet, I am a name on a friend list". - Tony


"I had already decided I was a non-drinker a few weeks before I found Strive. As soon as I heard Lee telling his story on a podcast, I knew this was my group. Becoming someone who doesn’t drink is a lonely road, especially at first, and I was struggling on my own. But it was much more than ‘company’. It was the first time anyone had ever said they had my back, and it was the first time I felt true acceptance. Strive is part of my life and I hope the people I have connected with here always will be". - Serena

Learn More About Why You Drink Alcohol, Today

"I quit drinking alone, and that’s how I ended up feeling. Alone. That was until I found Strive. I believe, we are defined by the people and ideas we surround ourselves with, and so the warmth, support and personal growth I have found at Strive make it the place I want to be. The place I have to be" - Julian


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