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Take Your Time

Dave Gahan used to tell people to enjoy the silence, and it stuck.

We don’t want to tell people our problems. We don’t want to share. We don’t want to be vulnerable. We don’t want to appear weak, pathetic, and a waste of fucking space.

He raped me.

He touched me.

She beat me.

She shouted at me.

I hate the way I look.

I hate the way I feel.

I can't quiet the cacophony of drivel banging on in my mind.

And without anyone to speak to we reach for the bottle hoping that everything will vanish when we wake up, puke rising, head bouncing, eyes streaming.

But these things don’t vanish.

They are always there; they will always be there.

The people at Strive all felt like this at one time or another. Some of them listened to the Alcohol & Addiction Podcast, and read blog posts for a year before they decided to join Strive and begin to change their lives.

Take your time.

The Truth About Alcohol
We Are Not Alcoholics, And we Refuse to be Anonymous. 

Opportunity Knocks

A donor who believes in our work has paid for 20 training courses to help people quit alcohol. The first course is full, but there are slots available for the second course running Jan 2018 - March 2018. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

How We Quit Alcohol

We serve and share at The Strive Community Forum
We listen to The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast & Alcohol Monologues
We educate ourselves at The Truth About Alcohol: Helping You Quit & Finding Meaning & Purpose Through The Art of Story

Three More?

The Pigs
Be Happy

Prefer to Listen?

Episode #103 Jolene Parks Editing Our Drinking, What we Eat and Why?

Prefer to Watch?

Episode #4 of the Alcohol Monologues Dissecting Karla Maree on Nutrition and Alcohol





DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY: This is not medical advice, and if you believe you require such advice, please seek immediate help from a medical professional. I am not a doctor or a medical practitioner. If you want to quit drinking and are worried about doing so, then in all cases you should first contact your doctor and seek advice and assistance. These are the tools that worked for me, and I share them with you as a learning tool. If you have sought or seek medical advice and or attention and any of these tools are in conflict with that advice or assistance, please do not use these tools. I take no responsibility for the continued use of these tools in contravention of any medical advice or assistance you have sought.