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Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life Including Your Addiction to Alcohol


Hot tears track like lava down the side of my face. 

How could she do this to me?

Are the angels playing ‘Fortnite’?

I need them to see me; to see this travesty.

The pressure is intense. I feel like the Hoover Dam. Plain. Jane. Arms like thorny stems, tearing her apart each time I reach out for a hit of love. 

A fever starts to build. 

I feel like a slave, but to what, to whom?

My daughter tells me that she’s a turtle.

“I’m blind like a turtle, Dad.”

I tell her that turtles aren’t blind, try being a mole. 

Then I go back on the attack.

Or is it the defence?

Am I a mole?


I am certainly blind. 

I cannot see a way out of this mess.

The only thing I see is the bottle, like a Siren, screaming sense, manifesting meaning, puking up purpose. 

Why is it so difficult to admit that I am wrong? Why can’t I find that grain of truth? Why do I allow my beliefs to blindfold me, and my values viscerate me? 

Why can’t I take responsibility?

Full responsibility?

100% responsibility?

And that’s what we talk about during today’s podcast.
Listen to today's podcast here.

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DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY: This is not medical advice, and if you believe you require such advice, please seek immediate help from a medical professional. I am not a doctor or a medical practitioner. If you want to quit drinking and are worried about doing so, then in all cases you should first contact your doctor and seek advice and assistance. These are the tools that worked for me, and I share them with you as a learning tool. If you have sought or seek medical advice and or attention and any of these tools are in conflict with that advice or assistance, please do not use these tools. I take no responsibility for the continued use of these tools in contravention of any medical advice or assistance you have sought.