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The Hack


A cigarette machine is an evil thing, and as he stood there before me, shaking nervously, I wanted to hold my finger in the air, hail a cab, find the nearest dive bar, buy one, bring it back, and pound him over the head with it. 

He called me a ‘hack.’

I had to look it up on the Internet. God Google told me that back in the day it was a term used to describe an ‘ordinary horse.’ In the more modern sense, he was calling me a shit writer. 

Gut muscles tightened. 

My father’s voice emerged from the Bermuda Triangle of my mind.

“Stick the head in him.”

Here was this man, standing before me, telling me that I was nothing more than someone who sits behind a computer ‘banging buttons.’ How do I take that feedback? Do I don a bib and scoop that shit into my mind, making it mine, coating me in a slimy film of lack. Do I give him volley right back? 

It felt like I was having a heart attack. 

When we become people that don’t drink alcohol people will stand before us armed with sticks and stones wanting to break our bones. 

How we react is of prime importance. 

We have a choice.

We always have a choice. 

Resistance will tell us that they are right and we are wrong, but it’s time for you to grow a pair of balls bigger than King Kong. 

Feedback is crucial, but we don’t blindly accept it because we crave approval.

What do you do in the face of such negativity?

Do we accept a state of passivity, or do we start to embrace a higher standard of selectivity?

That’s what I talk about in today’s podcast.

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