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How do I Stop Thinking About Alcohol?


Megan can’t stop thinking about alcohol.

She writes to me, “How can I stop thinking about alcohol?”

Megan, this is for you.

In history class; my grey moccasins tap dancing underneath the table; 'Ching is Cock' inscribed into the desk with a compass, I have to focus on the Norman Conquest of England because I have a test I need to pass, so people will think that I am something special. 

People who slip on Jordans, or give golf clubs the spit shine, or lace up those gloves, and want to take this shit to the next level - they need to focus on nothing but the game. 

The flying saucer builders.

The cancer curers.

The movie star that doesn’t drink, trying to learn what a hangover feels like so they can play the role of an alcoholic to perfection. 

The 16-year-old kid who wants the driver instructor to say, "yes!"

The 44-year-old foreigner who needs to pass the Indefinite Leave to Remain test or else be torn apart from her family.

When I wake up, I think about alcohol.

When I go to bed, I am thinking about alcohol.

Every waking moment in between, I am thinking about alcohol.

Alcoholism is an invisible, violent and dominant belief system. It infiltrates your DNA and remains unseen because you don’t think about it. 

If you want to be the best at what you do, then you need to focus on the goal with the keen eye of the Cyclops. 

You need to make the unseen seen. 

I want you to feel famished.

I want you to starve.

I want you to be prepared to grind every tooth to the nub chewing on thoughts of alcohol. 

Cognitive dissonance is a spiral staircase that takes you to a ghost holding a coffin lid with one hand, and a bottle of embalming fluid in another. 

But for every bottom, there is a top. 

If you want to stop thinking about alcohol, then you need to do nothing but think about alcohol. 

Climb the stairwell, don’t slide down the bannister.

Stick your head above the clouds.



For the first time in your life.


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