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Colour Code Personality Science With Striver Claes

I always wanted to Bruce Lee.
I wanted to 'Enter the Dragon'.
I wanted to be a star.
I wanted to be noticed.
Had I 'noticed', I would have realised that Bruce Lee was more introvert than extrovert. It would have been a crucial observation because as I ran through the swings karate kicking my friends in the balls, and head butting polystyrene walls, I thought that if you were an introvert, you might as well jump over Niagara Falls.
When I was a drinker, had you cut me open with a rusty pocket knife, then the letters E X T R O V E R and T would have fallen into the fruit bowl alongside the pineapples, oranges and lychee. 
And then I stopped.
And as time stilled, and the waffles leapt from the toaster, and rich tea biscuits fell apart over my coaster, I began to wonder if the story I had created since the beginning of 'cool as fuck teenage time' was true. 
Was I an extrovert?
I didn’t feel like one.
And I think this search for who we are is an important one because it allows us to stick a stiletto in the sand and say.
I love this person.
And this one.
And this one.
And this one.
And I vow to communicate with them in a way that doesn’t lead to me wanting to deliver the Bruce Lee 'one-inch death punch'. 
It’s not easy though.
Discovering who we are.
But at Strive we can help, and that’s what we talk about in today’s podcast when yours truly and Striver Claes speak about our intention of introducing Colour Code Personality Science into our TTAA philosophy. 

Here is today’s podcast.

The Truth About Alcohol
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